Cremation Options

People choose cremation for a variety of reasons: philosophical, religious, and even environmental. Others make the decision because cremation is simpler and more natural. If you are considering cremation, it’s important to know and understand all of the choices available to you.

Here you may learn about the many different options for personalized services, memorialization, and products that are available to you when you choose cremation.

Within these pages, you will discover more uplifting and refreshing ways of saying goodbye. You’ll find that choosing cremation opens up endless possibilities for expressing the beauty and the gifts of an individual life, with a myriad of choices for creating a personalized life commemoration.

Our family and staff is dedicated to creating innovative memorial products to serve the needs of individuals like you who want something different. In fact, we draw on a two generation-old tradition of creating innovative life-celebrating services for families.

Let us be your guide as you plan The Commemoration of a Lifetime.